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This is where you usually read about all the history, education and experiences behind the 'business' and the people who created it. Honestly, we're long-time Keys residents who – after temporarily leaving the island for "greener pastures" (by the way, no such thing) – are once again happy residents of Key West. That's where our story really begins.

After realizing our dream of making Key West our our full-time, permanent home – we also realized the need and desire to share this unique paradise and all it has to offer with others. And so BeautifulKeyWest.com came to be.

We are a small staff of designers, creators and Key West dreamers. When you call us you won't get a phone tree – you'll reach us directly. If you see someone around Key West who's passing out business cards or posting photos to Facebook – it's probably us. It's who we are and how we live.

Kate & Bill Gernaat

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We want to hear from you! Anytime, all the time, or from time to time. Call or write and you can expect to hear back from us as soon as it's possible for us to respond – typically the same day.

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Beautiful Key West
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Key West, Florida 33045

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